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An exhibition by LO Yuen-yi

If "seeing precedes words", what is the digestive order of images in our minds? Invasion of the screen is as natural as the air nowadays. Being in the city, the scenery that comes into our eyes repeatedly every day may be forgotten as a matter of course. However, it is always possible to have a touching moment. And, it is important to "see" with your heart. The artist painted this piece "City" - "Scenery," invites the audience to pass by the city together - to experience the familiar or forgotten faces that are fading. Although the scenery may be mundane and fragmentary, but are filled with people and their warmth.


| Opening Ceremony |

|Exhibition period |
2022.09.18 – 2022.10.30

|Opening hours|
10:00 - 13:00, 14:00 - 18:00

(Closed on Mondays and public holidays)

CCCN Macau(Calçada da Vitória No.55, RC, Macau)
Free admission

| Guided Tour Service|
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm(Saturdays)︱20 mins per session


Yuen-yi LO earns her Degrees in Communication Design and Fine Art respectively in Hong Kong, Italy and the UK. She adopts practice of drawing and visual ethnography as the core of her creation, writing scripts themed at Arts and Culture, feminism and oral history. Her publications of books are: Whispers (Macau elderly women’s oral history) (2020); Traces – Drawing. Objects (2019); Beautiful Era – 21 Letters to the Artists (2017); Love Messages across the Centuries: 21 Letters to Parisian Artists (2013); Drawing the Writing (2012); A Room (2011); A Journal of Nüshu, Women’s Script (2003). She is currently teaching at the University of Macau.

Personal Website:


“One Day” Lo Yuen-yi 
Monograph of the solo exhibition “City · Scenery

“One Day” by Lo Yuen-yi is the monograph of the Exhibition “City · Scenery” held in CCCN Macau. There are 141 pieces of pencil sketching artwork being recorded in the monograph. Those were the precious moments she encountered and desired to capture when wandering around Macau and Hong Kong during these 2 years under the pandemic. From wandering to observation, photo shooting and creation, LO wishes to pass by the city together with the audience- to experience the familiar or forgotten faces that are fading. Although the scenery may be mundane and fragmentary, but are filled with people and their warmth. 

 Edition:Aug, 2022(Macau)│First edition

Measurement│Pages :160 (w) x 210 (h) mm│200

Print Run:300

Supporter: Centro de Cultura e Artes Performativas Cardeal Newman de Macau
Associação Diocesana das Artes Performativas e Culturais de Macau


Do not miss out the chance to buy the monograph “One Day” in CCCN Macau, you will have the chance to obtain a signed copy! (This is available to first-come-first-serve basis with limited quantity.)


Order Form:

© Copyright

 Seminar ─

Brush past the city & enjoy the scenery

Ms. Yuen-yi LO will share about her inspiration, its structure and components in creating “City. Scenery”, and so does the technique and the reasons of using pencil sketching.

Date: 25th September, 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm
Audience: Any Interested Party
Speaker: Lo Yuen-yi ︱Visual Artist
Language: Cantonese
Fees: MOP 50 (per person)

Worshop ─

Rediscover the Fading Scenery

Participants will be invited to experiment with photography about Macau for creation. They will be combining their photos with different media to rediscover fragmentary of places and cultural relics in Macau. By recording the ordinary old things, we can leave traces and memories of the faded life experiences.

Date: 9th October, 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 2:30pm-4:30pm
Target: Aged 20 and above (Art creation background is not required)
Speaker: Ms. Lo Yuen-yi ︱Visual Artist
Language: Cantonese
Fees: MOP 180 (per person)



Participants shall submit 4 photos (electronic version) of old districts or shops in Macau taken by themselves and submit them to CCCN. The organizer will print them out for later creation during the workshop.

© Copyright
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