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Joint Exihibition

2020/12/05 - 2021/01/17

“COR AD COR LOQUITUR” is the first exhibition held by Centro de Cultura e Artes Performativas Cardeal Newman de Macau (CCCN). “COR AD COR LOQUITUR” is the philosophy of CCCN, which means Heart Speaks to Heart. It is taken from the motto of Saint John Henry Newman. Newman seeks the connection with God throughout his whole life. He speaks to God, obeys God and is determined to fulfill his mission.


Heart Speaks to Heart can be a conversation, interaction or communication, it can go through language, sense, or body. We focus on the communication between hearts. Although the word “Heart” is the combination of five letters, it can influence thousands of thoughts, moving and touching by hearts. However, under the blooming of technology and society, our channel of communication has become electronically and lead to a reduction in physical interaction. The heartfelt communication in between is questionable. We have our minds in our hearts. In the era of efficiency, how much time are we willing to spend to listen to our inner voices and others’ voices? When we are focusing on the spiritual connection between men and God, even men and men, can we be aware of the conversation between other creatures, or even communicate in ways beyond our cognition.


23 artists are invited to this exhibition, of which the artistic media used to express “COR AD COR LOQUITUR” are calligraphy, Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolour painting, engraving, sculpture, and mixed media. The space they constructed in the art can be our life story, or even the conversational elements that we have never thought about. Participating artists ranged from Catholics, pagans, or even atheists. We are pleased to have invited artists with a variety of religious backgrounds interpreting and be inspired by “COR AD COR LOQUITUR”. By entering this lively zone, you can feel the pulsations by them, feel what you see, listen, and imagine with a humble heart. Take a deep breath and try to reopen the thoughts about yourself, others, material things, life, and age.

| Artists |

Lee Chau Ping、Choi Chun Heng、Hun Lai Leng、Lai Hong Pio、Katherine Chan、António Ambrose、Antonella Giardinelli、Cai Guo Jie、Cheong Hoi I、Deborrah Cardinal、Fortes Pakeong Sequeira、Ho Chi Hong、Jaime、Kawo a.k.a Sushijojo、Kou Weng Hang、Molly Cheang、Tam Hio Wai、Terry、Fan In Kuan、Jacqueline Sio、Lei I Fan、Leong Sin Teng、Wong Hoi Ian

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