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Mother's Day Workshop

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“Taste ▪ Bon Appetit”: Wagashi workshop

Mother will never care about the value of the present, the only thing she cares is warmth. “Flowers” for our special mum! Happy Mother’s Day! 
Let’s explore the origin and the Art of making “Wagashi”.


Date: 18th May, 2024(Saturday)
Time: 14:30-16:00 (Around 2.5 hours)
Target: 14 years old or above
Seats: 6 
Fees: MOP280 *

(Includes materials used and packaging)

(A box of 4 pieces)

10% Discount for:

-Register before May 7th 
 -Accompany of 2 or above
 -Become “CCCN Friends”
 -Aged 65 or above
 -Full-time students

(the offers cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.)


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