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“Year of Saint Joseph”
Choi Chun Heng
Calligraphy Exhibition

Saint Joseph is a familiar and sincere father in the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis proclaimed this year to be “The Year of Saint Joseph”. The Holy Father stated that because of his role at “the crossroads between the Old and New Testament “, Saint Joseph has been an indispensable existence in the History of Salvation. In the Apostolic Letter entitled Patris corde (“With a Father’s Heart”), Pope Francis describes Saint Joseph as a father of “beloved, tender and loving, an obedient, an accepting; a creatively courageous, working, and a father in the shadows” *. Saint Joseph’s virtue and wisdom is our role model in today’s fickle generation.

Saint Joseph’s gentleness and perseverance in the face of difficulties can be best described as “By long forbearing a prince is persuaded, and a soft tongue breaketh the bone.” (Proverbs 25:15). The theme of “soft suppresses hard” can also be found in a book written by an ancient Chinese Philosopher Lao-Tzu -- “Tao-Te-Ching” (“The Way of Virtue”). It stated that “There is nothing in the world softer and weaker than water, and yet for attacking things that are firm and strong there is nothing that can take any precedence of it. This is the power of softness. Therefore, softness can win over strong, weak can win over strong.”.

Being a devoted Catholic, a famed Macao calligrapher Mr. Choi Chun Heng is going to use calligraphy to present the collision between biblical teachings and traditional Chinese philosophy. In the adoption of Saint Joseph’s characteristics of loyalty, obedience, humility, and perseverance, to open up a conversation between the Roman Catholics and the traditional Chinese culture. Scripts will become a channel of evangelization, by expressing the exquisitely of chirography, writing in prayers, to cultivate and calm the mind.

“Year of Saint Joseph”
Choi Chun Heng Calligraphy Exhibition

|Opening Ceremony|
2021.05.08 (Sat) 3pm


Centro de Cultura e Artes Performativas Cardeal Newman de Macau  (Calçada da Vitória No.55, RC, Macau)

Free Admission





“Saint Joseph – Great virtue is like water”





Pope Francis has proclaimed a “Year of Saint Joseph” from today, 8 December 2020, to 8 December 2021. In the Apostolic Letter entitled Patris Corde (“With a Father’s Heart”), the Holy Father describes Saint Joseph’s fatherhood in seven images. His moral and wisdom act as our life-long role model. Fr. Pedro Chung will share stories about Saint Joseph in this seminar.

Fees:MOP 70

Seat:25 persons

Speaker: Fr. Pedro Chung
Language: Cantonese

“Saint Joseph workshop – Parent-child art experience”







By thinking profoundly about St. Joseph’s virtues of patience, prudent, obedience, and valiant through artistic craftmanship and painting, this can enhance harmony and cohesion in families.


First section: Ice-breaking, artistic creation, St. Joseph ‘s stories sharing
Second section: Statue game, prayerful reading, model assemble

Seats: Parent-Child (6-8 families, children aged 5 and above)

Leading Artist: Ms. Ada Mok (Visual artist)
Fees: MOP180/Parent-Child (2 sessions)

1.    To ensure the consistency of workshop, participants are recommended to attend both sessions.
2.    If participants wish to join as a family, please contact CCCN for enquiries.




.CCCN members『CCCN Friends』,10% off

.65 years old or above,10% off




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2021/09- 2021/12


在天主教教會中「聖若瑟」是一位既熟悉又親切的父親。教宗方濟各宣佈了今年為「聖若瑟年」,指出聖若瑟是「救恩史上不可或缺的人物」,擔任了「連接舊約與新約樞紐」的角色。並在宗座牧函中《以父親的心》描述聖若瑟七個父親的形象 - 受愛戴、溫良慈愛、堅忍聽命、服從、樂於接納、富有創意的勇氣、勤勞,是天父在地上的影子。聖若瑟所具備的這些美德和睿智,在現今充滿變數的世代,值得我們反思並學習和效法他的美德。


聖若瑟以溫良堅忍的態度面對苦難,如箴言(25:15)中「容忍可以折服公侯,柔語能以粉碎硬骨。」而在中國古代思想家老子的哲學觀中,也有「以柔制剛」的思想,- 如老子的《道德經》中「天下莫柔弱於水,而攻堅強者莫之能勝,此乃柔德也;故柔之勝剛,弱之勝強堅。」,並以「上善若水」比喻聖人之德。


身為天主教徒的澳門書法家蔡傳興老師將在這次展覽中,以中華文化的藝中之藝  -「書法」來傳遞聖經教誨,書寫聖若瑟的忠誠、服從、謙卑、堅忍的特質,以文字作福傳,同時展示出書法之美。澳門紐曼樞機藝文館期望透過『聖若瑟年』書法展,讓學生在欣賞書法的同時,以書法默禱,修身靜心。

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