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Is blooming like fireworks, sparkles and lively.

Blossom or fades, they are oneness.
Sunrise and Sunset are in accordance to the Laws of Nature
Lives in the moment as there is a time for everything. 

“Flower”, the carrier, symbolize the connection between human and the message to convey emotions.
“Flower”, a symbol, emphasis the emotion and expectation arise in dialogue.


© Copyright

Flora, beauty in structure

“Chinese Ink painting workshop: Hydrangea”

Try the techniques of rendering, water infusion and powder infusion methods. 
And, paint beyond imaginati
So as to admire your work i
n another perspective even if your hands do not paint from your heart.

The workshop begins with an introduction to basic techniques of Chinese Ink Painting from “The Record of the Classification of Old Painters” by Xie He. By adopting the theory of "Correspondence to the Object," to the depicting of form, which would include shape and line, with your heart. To contemplate, and appreciate the beauty of “Flora”.

Hydrangea is “Hope”.
Let’s sketch “Hope” in the season of Spring,
And begin a new journey with pen and ink.

Date: 12, 19, 26/4 (Wednesdays)
Time: 7:00pm-9:30pm
Target: 12 Years old or above
MOP750(3 Sessions)
Leading Artist: Katharine Chan (Chinese Ink Painting Instructor)

-    Materials will be provided by CCCN.
-    To purchase an additional material pack (MOP85), please specify upon registration. (Material pack includes: a bottle of 250 ml ink, 2 writing brush, 12 colours pigment, 10 pieces of Chinese Raw Rice Paper)
-    A session of onsite sketching in CCCN (Date: To Be Confirmed)

10% Discount for:
- Register on or before 29th March, 2023/ Accompany of 2 or above
- Become “CCCN Friends”
20% Discount for:
- Full-time students/ Aged 65 or above/ Holders of Disability Assessment Registration Card

(Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offer and discounts)

© Copyright

 Flora, Reflection of Emotions

Ms. Judy Lei, performance artist, will present a trilogy of self-reflection.

The Trilogy will begin with evaluating our own cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes to conduct an effective conversation. 



”Dialogue With Your Innerspace”︱Target: 18 years old or above

Activities will be conducted under a relaxation atmosphere. To rediscover the actual reactions and feelings through the stimulation five senses and interactions of body. So, we can dig deeper into ourselves and enhance the growth of development in trust issues.


Performance Art: “Love & Flowers”︱Target: 12 years old or above

Performance Art Inspiration:
Are you willing to cope with your true self?
Dignity vs Truth, which one carries more weight?
Everyone wishes to present the world with the perfect image, 
What about showing others your imperfection side?
Are you willing to disarm you shield, being comforted by others?


Performance Art seminar “Be Inspired by Your Body”︱Target: 12 years old or above

Ms. Judy Lei, a performance artist, will introduce about the origin of performance art, her artwork, and how to make good use of body and movements to convey messages and execute the creation.

Ms. Judy Lei earns her Master of Art in Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts TNNUA. During these years, she participates in “Performance of Environment and Movements Program” and many other Performance Art workshops. Lei has also led numerous workshops in experiencing and enhancing self-reflection.

Performance Art: “Love & Flowers” + seminar ︱MOP150︱Around 2 hours
” Dialogue With Your Innerspace” + Performance Art: “Love & Flowers” + seminar ︱MOP280︱

Around 4 hours



1. Duration of Performance Art “Love & Flowers” is around 30 minutes. The actual duration will be depending on the exact conditions. 
2. A complementary drink will be served for the participants of “Flora, Reflection of Emotions” 
3. “CCCN Friends” can enjoy a discount of 10%.
4. Participants of” Dialogue with Your Innerspace” are advised to wear comfortable clothing, i.e., sportswear.

CCCN Friends
For latest updates, please sign-up as “CCCN Friends” and enjoy destinated discounts.

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