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"City & Trees, Scenery & Human" - Nature Art Project at Cultura e Artes Performativas Cardeal Newman


Curated by Associação Diocesana das Artes Performativas e Culturais de Macau (ADAPEC)and Cultura e Artes Performativas Cardeal Newman de Macau (CCCN Macau), "City & Trees, Scenery & Human" - Nature Art Project was hoisted in August. CCCN Macau expect to point out the relationship between the natural environment and human beings, connection within community, appreciation of natural scenery and cherishing greenery and natural resources by organizing various activities.

Activities ranging from a series of guided tour, seminars, workshops, movie screening to exhibition. A Children workshop “Come on! Imagine a Garden” to design a public art piece and sketch out their ideal garden. A Guided tour led by Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) named “Hey yo! Old Trees”. Route of the Old trees included Santa Casa da Misericordia Albergue, Colina da Guia, and Lou Lim Ioc Garden. This would convince residents to think and discuss about natural environment and the Symbio City. The Arborist would introduce about the body language of trees, vegetation period and their role in natural environment, so as to deliver the precise information about retouch, maintenance, preservation and conservation in the seminar of “How does an Arborist "trim trees"?”. The seminar “Urban Landscape Architecture – Garden Design” would be about the design of urban landscape, the connection and influence in urban landscape and human beings. And, there would be citation of case study regarding the design in urban scenery. By assembling pots of plants in “Greenery Communication”, participants would have general idea about the characteristics, growth, and cultivation of plants commonly found in Macao. “Play out a Community Design” would include games, discuss about their ideal community, experience the process of urban planning, and land allocation. To raise the awareness of environmental protection, CCCN Macau organized movie screening and sharing of “Survival Family”.

” Macau“Environmental Protection and I” was curated by ADAPEC, CCCN Macau and Cartias Macau . The exhibition displays the winning artworks from a minority group of autism spectrum disorder and the mentally challenged. Furthermore, there would be a showcase of recycled material fashion collections by our disabled community to show their talents and raise social awareness about environmental protection in daily life. Workshop will be hosted as affiliating program to the exhibition. For further enquiries, please go to CCCN Macau Facebook page or contact (853)2870-3076.

Guided tour “Hey yo! Old Trees”

Workshop “Play out a Community Design”

Seminar “Urban Landscape Architecture – Garden Design” and “Greenery Communication”

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