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Highlights of “Let’s Welcome the Year of Tiger: Chinese New Year Workshop Series 2022”

It has been a lively weekend! Thank you very much for the heartfelt support of our leading fellows and participants. The Chinese New Year series included miniatures workshop of “Chinese New Year Candy box”, experience workshop of “Zentangle®”, and Mr. Choi Chun Heng, a famed Macao Calligrapher, writing customized red couplets on site.

More programs are upcoming! There would be “Full of Blessings” – Choi Chun Heng Chinese New Year Special Exhibition till 23rd March, 2022. Theme would be featuring different fonts regarding the word “Luck” that written by Mr. Choi especially for the Year of Tiger. So, you could bring along with the lucky wishes home and the Year of Tiger would be forging ahead with the vigor and vitality of Tiger.

Opening Hours: 10:00am -6:00pm

Location: CCCN Macau (Calçada da Vitória No.55, RC, Macau)

Celebrating the Year of Tiger – Mr. Choi Chun Heng writing red couplets on site

“Zentangle” workshop

Miniatures workshop -- “Chinese New Year Candy box”

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