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“The Colours of Infinity”Woodfired Pottery Workshop

Whenever wood is used as the fuel source for firing is called “Woodfired Pottery”. There are two general categories of woodfired wares, glazed and unglazed. Woodfired is legendary and in making pottery, of which is the most traditional but challenging method. There is a typical requirement in techniques, clay, wood and kiln. The entire process in the burning of wood is going to last for several consecutive days. Costs input and the outcome of final wares are disproportional. As a matter of fact, woodfire pottery is relatively scare among the market. Collectors and tea lovers are attracted to the woodfire pottery in relation to this situation.


About “Wood Fired Pottery”

Leading Artist:  Mr. He Jianguo (Heizi) | Master craftsman in Macao
Target: Any Interested Party aged 12 or above

Registration Fees: MOP580/pax**


1. Additional cost for firing:

    (i) wood firing MOP300 (ii) electric firing MOP100 
2. Participants can make more than one pottery teacup
3. Firing cost is not entitled to any discount.


  • Accompany of 2 or above enjoy a discount of 10%

  • Aged 65 or above enjoys a discount of 25%

(Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offer and discounts)


He Jian Guo (Heizi) 

Heizi was graduated from Jiang Su Huaiyin Normal University and the Guang Zhou Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in the education of Fine Arts. 
Currently hold the post of the President of Macau Contemporary Art Study Association, Chairman of Macau China Industrial Arts Association, Vice-president of Macau Industrial Arts Association, Executive Director of Guang Dong Province Statuary Art Study Association and Guang Dong Xiao Zhou Artists Association.
He won a silver award in “The GHM Greater Bay Area Arts & Crafts Fair”.

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