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Treasure of the Tang Dynasty:
A Glimpse at Art and Culture

2022/03/05 - 2022/05/08


“Treasure of the Tang Dynasty: A Glimpse at Art and Culture” is curated by Cultura e Artes Performativas Cardeal Newman de Macau (CCCN Macau) of Associação Diocesana das Artes Performativas e Culturais de Macau (ADAPEC) in conjunction with Macau Collector Association. The Exhibition features more than 30 exhibits from Tang Dynasty heyday. With the theme of economic, cultural and artistic prosperity bringing together the far-reaching impact of Traditional Chinese Arts and Crafts in future generations, and the cultural development of East Asian countries. CCCN aims at promotion of Chinese and Western culture. Through “Treasure of the Tang Dynasty”, CCCN would like to let students and the public to walk through history by appreciating cultural relics and broader their appreciation of ancient artifacts and culture of the Tang Dynasty. This can enhance deeper and wider understanding about Chinese civilization and culture.

| 開幕日期 Opening Ceremony|

2022.03.05 (週六 Saturday) 下午3時


| 展覽日期 Date |

2022.03.05 – 2022.05.08

| 開放時間 Opening hours|

上午10時至下午1時, 下午2時至下午6時(週一及公眾假期休息)

10am - 1pm; 2pm - 6pm (closed on Mondays and public holidays)

| 展覽地點 Venue |
澳門紐曼樞機藝文館 (得勝斜路55號地下)

CCCN Macau (Calçada da Vitória No.55, RC, Macau)

Square Stage